This LG 280 Watts solar panel is all you need to carry out your solar system installation:

The 280W Solar panel  is one of the most powerful and affordable effecient solar panels you can find in Nigeria, and its provides renewable and alternative energy solutions for off-grid power systems. The Suntech or LG 280 Watts solar panel can generate up to 15A charging current when charging a 24V battery setup, so 2 typical 100Ah battery will be charged from 20% to 100% in only 8 hours of bright sunlight.

The Suntech 280W LG 280 W monocrystalline solar panel comes with full 5 year product warranty and 50 years lifespan

LG or Suntech 280W solar panel provides a 5-year Limited Product Warranty and 25-year Linear Service Warranty*.

Features of 280w Solar Panel

  • LG and Suntech 280 Watts solar panel is warranted for 5 years.
  • LG 280 Watts panel makes the year independent testing by Photon magazine confirms that Sunmodules generate up to 10% more kWh per rated kW than other major brands. More kWh means more money in your pocket.
  • Suntech 280 Watts solar panels are tested to withstand hail, extreme heat, high winds and heavy snow loads.
  • The panels meet or exceed the latest electrical codes for safety and durability.
  • Sunmodules are manufactured in ISO 9001:2000 certified factories and feature:
    • Silicone sealant
    • Tempered glass
    • EVA embedding
    • Solar cell
    • Back sheet
    • High-strength frame
  • The Sunmodule’s tight +/- 3% power tolerance ensures that you get the output you’re paying for.

Rated powerPrSW280
Peak powerPmpp280W
Peak power voltageVmpp31.2V
Peak power currentImpp9.07A
0pen circuit voltageVoc39.5V
Short circuit currentIsc9.71A
Max Series Fuse* 15A

Max Reverse Current of this module is 16A. Reverse current is used for calculations and sizing of fuses and breakers. This is subjective - as this can be calculated based on 80% of the max, or 90% of the max etc. Therefore depending on how the fuses/breakers are sized, this module can handle a maximum of 15A of reverse current.

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280w Solar Panel

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