• 100W poly Solar Panel

A 100 watt solar panel is great for many things. It can power DC appliances such as lighting, water pumps, fans etc. And when coupled with a deep cycle battery, you can store the power from the panel for appliances that need a more constant supply of power, such as televisions, computers, or other sensitive electronics, for example. The 100W solar panel price gives it a great value for its money, and it provides all the power that a small household needs to power basic appliances in Nigeria.

The 100W Solar Panel for sale at great prices at Solaroid Energy is the most ideal panel to power basic home equipments. If you're looking for FREE ELECTRICITY from our greatest renewable resource in Nigeria? The sun is one of the largest sources of energy you can think of. Going off the grid is liberating. And it's simpler than you think! A basic solar power system could include this 100 watt solar panel (or several wired together), a solar charge controller, a deep cycle battery, and an inverter. The battery gets charged by the solar panels and the charger controller regulates the charging process, to ensure the battery is not over charged, and runs as efficiently as possible.


  • Off-grid power for cabins, vacation homes, RVs, campers, remote monitoring systems, and remote villages
  • Solar water pumping and solar-powered refrigerators
  • Remote WiFi and wireless repeaters


    Open-Circuit Voltage (Voc)22.3V
    Optimum Operating Voltage (Vmp) 18.0V
    Short-Circuit Current (Isc)6.06A
    Optimum Operating Current (Imp)5.56A
    Maximum Power at STC* (Pmax)100Wp
    Operating Temperature-45°C to 85°C
    Power Tolerance+/- 5%
    Nominal Voltage12V
    Maximum Series Fuse Rating12A
    Maximum System Voltage600V
    Module Efficiency13.8%

    * STC: Standard Test Conditions - Irradiance 1000 W/m2, Module temperature 25 ºC, AM = 1.5


    Solar CellPolycrystalline (blue cells)
    Number of Cells 72
    Dimensions1090 x 665 x 35mm (42.9” x 26.2” x 1.38”)
    Weight9.3kg (20.5 lbs)
    Front GlassHigh-transmission 3.2mm tempered glass
    FrameClear anodized aluminum frame
    Connector TypeJunction Box (+/red terminal on right; -/black terminal on left)
    Middle terminal in junction box can be left void, or used to wire for 6V (see 'Documents' tab for Wiring Photos)

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    100W poly Solar Panel

    • Product Code: 100W 12V poly Solar Panel
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