• 500 W Solar Panel

If you have been searching for the best 500 W solar panel for sale in Nigeria? Then this combined 500W solar panel kits is just right for you. The polycrystalline solar panel 500W is an ideal solar kits that comprises of 2, 250W polycrystaline solar panels that is combines together  to produce a 500 watts solar kits.

The 500W solar panel is a well designed solar system that is suitable for individuals who plan to enjoy a reliable solar powered installation for their homes and offices in Nigeria.

The 500 W Solar Panel is a great deal for you to add to an existing system in a country like Nigeria where solar radiation serves as a dependable energy source. It will serve as a cost effective energy add on to an existing Inverter battery system providing you with all you need to live in a solar powered home.

Solaroid Energy offers you the best 500W solar panel price you can't find anywhere.

The Solar Panel cost, is an ideal 500 watt solar system for any one trying to reduce electricity bills over a long period of time. The  solar panel kits will give you all the energy you need from the sun to power your basic home and offices appliance like light bulbs, fans, television and a small fridge.

The 500 watts solar panel system comprises of 2, 250 W Panel @ 24V, 8.2A Rating Each.

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500 W Solar Panel

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