• 15kVA 48V Prag Inverter, V-Series

If you're looking for a 15kVA inverter with 48V? Prag 15kVA 48V inverter is perfect for you. The Prag 15kVA inverter is fast charging with a  Pure Sine Wave output. The 15KVA Prag Inverter will do a perfect job than a 30KVA generator when combined with a 600Amps battery at 48V and a 10KW solar panel system. The 15KVA inverter at 48V by Prag is ideal for any installer or end user who wishes to use a smaller battery bank. Prag inverters are very durable, efficient, portable  and most affordable inverters in Nigeria. The 15KVA inverter is suitable for solar or inverter that will power heavy duty appliances like up to 5 Air-conditioning system, an elevator, and other high energy consuming appliances used by homes and businesses.

Features of the 15KVA Prag Inverter 

The 15kVA Prag inverter combines an inverter, charger, and auto-transfer switch into one complete system . This and its other features make the 15kVA Prag Inverter the one of the most advanced of it's kind.

The 15kVA Prag inverter's  most unique feature is the use of the A.C circuit to charge your batteries directly from the grid, while powering your home appliances. The Prag 15kVA inverter when coupled with 4 batteries at 12V each, backs up your appliances powered without any downtime and protects the appliances from energy surges. The 15kVA Prag inverter also shuts down the inverter when the batteries are low, till when utility or generator power is restored.

The 15kVA 48V Prag inverter price is a great deal on Solaroid Energy when compared to other Inverter price lists in Nigeria.

The PRAG 15kVA solar Inverter/Charger is equipped with a powerful charger of up to 120Amp with an overload capacity of 300% continuous output for up to 20 seconds to support the startup Current by most large appliances.

Specifications of the Prag 48V 15KVA Inverter

  • Battery Temperature Sensor (BTS)
  • Automatic Generator Starting (AGS)
  • Support Solar Panel with MPPT Function(optional)
  • Designed to Operate under Harsh Environment
  • DC Start & Automatic Self-Diagnostic Function
  • Compatible with Both Linear & Non-Linear Load
  • Easy to Install & Easy to Operate & Easy to Solve
  • Powerful Charge Rate Up to 120Amp, Selectable From 0%-100%
  • High Efficiency Design & “Power Saving Mode” to Conserve Energy
  • 8 pre Set Battery Type Selector plus De-sulphation for Totally Flat Batteries
  • 4-step Intelligent Battery Charging, PFC (Power Factor Correction) for Charger
  • 8 ms Typical Transfer Time Between Utility & Battery, Guarantees Power Continuity
  • 15s Delay Before Transfer when AC Resumes, Protection for Load when Used with Generator
  • Battery DOD(Depth of Discharge) setting from 50%-100%
  • SNMP remote monitoring (available as an option)

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15kVA 48V Prag Inverter, V-Series

  • Product Code: 15kVA 48V Prag Inverter, V-Series
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