• LG Inverter AC 1 ton

Looking for the best LG split  system air conditioner that won't gulp your electricity bills and overall power consumption? Get the best LG inverter AC 1 ton in Nigeria from Solaroid Energy and enjoy the full financial and environmental benefits that comes from using an inverter based, low wattage, energy efficient  Air conditioning Unit in Nigeria.  The 1HP LG inverter AC is designed with the latest compressor technology that consumes 50 percent less energy than conventional AC, and it has the capacity to save you up to 50 percent on your electricity costs over a long period of time. The LG inverter V AC product is designed to help you maintain constant coolness of your room or office without paying much for electricity, generator fuel or solar system. 

The LG inverter ac 1 ton price  is one of the cheapest categories of the LG inverter air conditioner that gets the cooling job done for a standard room size at the best price.

The Panasonic Inverter air conditioner helps you save energy while ensuring constant comfort by maintaining the set temperature through varying the rotation speed of the compressor. It also operates with higher cooling power during the start up period to cool the room 1.5 times faster. So, you can rest and relax comfortably at home.

The  LG inverter split AC model is designed with a specially designed LG inverter air conditioner remote that you can use to regulates your energy consumption based on the level of coolness you want and the level of power you wish to consume. If you are really keen in saving a reasonable amount on your energy consumption, then you really need to consider the long term value of the 1 HP LG inverter AC price compared to other LG split air conditioning units that will gulp your electricity cost over a period of time.

The 1hp Inverter air conditioner work by using inverter Intelligent Sensors that detect unconscious waste of energy using the Human Activity Sensor and Sunlight Sensor. The  inverter ac LG model works by monitoring human location, movements, absence and sunlight intensity. It then automatically adjusts cooling power to save energy efficiently with uninterrupted comfort and convenience.

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LG Inverter AC 1 ton

  • Product Code: LG Inverter AC 1 ton
  • Availability: 9999
  • ₦178,000

  • Ex Tax: ₦178,000

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