Get a 300W mono solar panel today and take your home off the grid.

The 300W solar panel price is one of the best you can get in the market for a reliable and energy efficient solar panel. 

The Sharp 300W solar panel is a reliable and high energy efficient 300 watts mono solar panel, it is an ideal 300W/ 24V solar panel that will work in any location with an average solar radiation level.

The monocrystalline solar panel is placed in a patented box channel frame that provides extraordinary stiffness in bending and torsion. 

The 300W solar panel cost an amount that gives it a long term value for its money and the Sharp mono panel also provides a 10-year Limited Product Warranty and 50-year product life span. The 300 W solar panel is for sale to both energy installer that want to get reliable solar products for their clients, or end users who plan to reduce electricity from the grid or fossil fuel generators. 

FEATURES of the Sharp solar panel 300 watts / 24V

New Version 4.0 frame offers increased load ratings, reduction in impact of scratches, and faster drainage of water which makes the sharp solar panel sales one of the highest in the world.

  • Sharp solar panel is warranted for 10 years
  • Multi-year independent testing by Photon magazine confirms that Sharp solar panels generate up to 10% more kWh per rated kW than other major brands. More kWh means more money in your pocket
  • Sharp 300 W solar panels are tested to withstand hail, extreme heat, high winds and heavy snow loads
    • Silicone sealant
    • Tempered glass
    • EVA embedding
    • Solar cell
    • Back sheet
    • High-strength frame
  • The Sunmodule’s tight +/- 5% power tolerance ensures that you get the output you’re paying for
  • Rated powerPrSW300 (v4)
    Peak powerPmpp300W
    Peak power voltageVmpp31.6V
    Peak power currentImpp9.57A
    0pen circuit voltageVoc40.1V
    Short circuit currentIsc10.23A
    Module Efficiency 17.89%
    Max System Voltage 1000V
    Cell Type Mono 5 busbar

    Max Reverse Current of this module is 25A. Reverse current is used for calculations and sizing of fuses and breakers. This is subjective - as this can be calculated based on 80% of the max, or 90% of the max etc. Therefore depending on how the fuses/breakers are sized, this module can handle a maximum of 25A of reverse current.

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    300W / 24v Solar Panel

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