• 1kW Solar Panel

The 1kw Solar Panel is a great deal for you to add to an existing system. It is a 1kW off grid system that provides you with a solar power home. It is the ideal add on to an existing Inverter battery system providing you with a solar system for homes.

Solaroid Energy offers you the best 1kW solar panel prices you can find anywhere.

The 1kW Solar Panel cost is reasonable as an add on to an existing Inverter battery system. It is an ideal 1kW solar kit for any one trying to reduce electricity over a long period of time. The 1KW solar panel kits will give you all the energy you need from the sun to power your home appliance with the support of an inverter and battery. 

The components that make up the affordable 1KW solar panel system price 4, 250 W Panel @ 24V, 8.2A Rating Each.

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1kW Solar Panel

  • Product Code: 1kW Solar Panel
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  • ₦195,500

  • Ex Tax: ₦195,500

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