• Quanta 100Ah 12V Battery

For 100Ah 12V deep discharge sealed maintenance free battery, shouldn't you go with a trusted brand that has a track-record of consistently impressive performance and long life. The 100Ah 12V Amaron Quanta SMF battery is a top choice when long battery life and outstanding battery performance are top priority. With 100Ah Quanta battery, your power application will run at top effeiciency and your battery support will meet your supply expectations.

Amaron Quanta batteries are backed by the world-renowned battery technology that battery manufacturer, Amara Raja Batteries Limited has developed and perfected. Amaron Quanta battery is the product of fail-safe, fool-proof battery technology and is produced and tested in a premier manufacturing facility. It provides several firsts for a battery of its kind.


To get this in perspective, check these design features and benefits of the Amaron Quanta battery family, at a glance:

  • Quanta battery is made of unique heavy-duty, corrosion-resistant alloy for positive grids, increasing the cyclic life of the battery, even in a tropical environment
  • Amaron Quanta batteries have lower internal resistance for superior high-discharge performance
  • Instacharge, a patented paste recipe for excellent charge acceptance is a key feature of Amaron Quanta battery
  • Still, Quanta is aesthetically designed, with a rugged Flappon terminal protector that prevents shorts
  • By design, Quanta is compact, lightweight, factory-charged, explosion-resistant and environment friendly
  • Also, check Quanta's clean and sleek looks
  • Buttom-line: Amaron Quanta battery is a rugged, high-performance, longlife battery, offering high value for money and one of the most sensible battery choices for a user to invest in.


Amaron Quanta batteries are designed to deliver excellent performance and can be trusted for long float life. The Amaron Quanta 100Ah 12V battery is no exception. For applications demanding the 100Ah battery capacity, the 100Ah Quanta battery is an easy choice. Here's more of what makes the Quanta battery brand stand out:

  • Thicker Grids and higher Sepaator Compression, prolonging life expactancy
  • Inter-cell weld between cells provides highly reliable, low-resistance currnet path
  • Reinforced end-walls improve impact resistance
  • PPCP containers with low permeability - no water loss
  • Proven AGM technology ensures maintenance-free operation

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Quanta 100Ah 12V Battery

  • Brand: Quanta
  • Product Code: Quanta 100Ah 12V Battery
  • Availability: 10000
  • ₦70,000

  • Ex Tax: ₦70,000

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