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Trojan  205AH12v Batteries Flooded Battery

Trojan 205AH12v Batteries Flooded Battery

Trojan Battery – the most trusted name in deep-cycle technology – offers the AC Series,..

₦145,000 Ex Tax: ₦145,000

Speed battery charger

Speed battery charger

A battery charger or recharger[1][2] is a device used to put energy into a secon..

₦112,570 Ex Tax: ₦112,570

1.5 kva inverter

1.5 kva inverter

This 1.5 kva inverter is an ideal inverter option for end users who cannot afford the luxu..

₦33,750 Ex Tax: ₦33,750

80W  Solar Panel

80W Solar Panel

The 80W 12V Solar Panel is a great starter for individuals who want to start off-grid generation of ..

₦17,500 Ex Tax: ₦17,500